Our main brokering activity consists in sourcing a wide range of gasoline components various petrochemical products in North West Europe, the Mediterranean, West Africa, USA and Asia.

Depending on our customers expectations New Stone Broking Ltd. has proven to be of assistance
in helping customers finding economically more attractive products or increasing products values.
In today’s fast moving economy we always need to be two steps ahead. By providing day to day information of the market and creating new business opportunities we try to keep our customers fully updated not only today’s but also on tomorrow’s upcoming markets.

Trading Platform

Through a highly sophisticated online trading platform New Stone Technology Ltd gives her customers the ability to trade various products. After clearance by New Stone, companies have the possibilities to trade products through the online platform in different continents in the world.



Consultancy & Marketing

New Stone Broking Ltd advices customers in the field of commodity risk management.
Offering tailor made solutions to reduce and manage the risks associated with volatility and uncertainty of fluctuating prices in order to plan and budget marketing strategies with greater confidence.

New Stone Broking Ltd offers the service of marketing any gasoline component or petrochemical product.
We enable in sourcing appropriate prospective customers and potentially saving time and costs by bringing efficiency and providing a clear view on the market potential of your products.