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Our main brokering activity consists in sourcing a wide range of gasoline components and various petrochemical products in North West Europe, the Mediterranean, West Africa, U.S.A. and Asia.

New Stone Broking Ltd. has shown that they accommodate, cater and expedite customers’ expectations and fulfills their needs on finding economically more attractive products, which increase the products’ values.

In today’s fast moving economy we are always two steps ahead by providing current and accurate information regarding the market. By creating new business opportunities we keep our customers fully updated and satisfied regarding present and future markets.

Consultancy & Marketing

New Stone Broking Ltd. also advises customers in the commodity risk management field by offering tailor made solutions to reduce and manage risks associated with volatility and uncertainty of fluctuating prices. This essential information assists customers to plan, budget and market strategize with greater confidence.

We offer marketing services on any gasoline component or petrochemical product and have the capabilities to survey prospective customers, which saves time and costs. This process brings efficiency and provides transparency for the marketability of products.